Suolo Etico connects you with carefully selected, trusted farmers & artisans.

Passionate about supporting small communities, we sought and built strong relationships with family farmers who grow fresh, biodynamic fruits & vegetables using organic practices that are healthier for both animals & people, better for the soil & water, and help reduce carbon emissions. Our farmers handpick fresh, seasonally authentic organic produce and we are honoured to bring such goodness right to your door.

Our pledge to you

We take great pride in our official
Happiness Guarantee pledge and stand
by everything we deliver. So if you’re ever
less than pleased with your products just let
us know, we will listen and we will make it

Our produce grow happy

We cherish all forms of life and respect sustainable agriculture.
No aggressive production line here!
Just great fruit and veg born from the harmony of natural elements and the love of life

We CARE about the life of our produce
which are allowed to grow naturally as nature
intended! Free from manipulation and stamped with the highest standards of organic accreditation

Our Philosophy

We only offer fresh, organic & natural products that

are good for your health, support communities & the planet.
Our philosophies are simple…


Nature is Important to us. We work in a way that reduces waste and plastic, we use only cotton and jute to deliver our products, we do not use airfreight for transport and our farmers honour the principles of sustainable agriculture.


We Support Small Family Farmers & Artisans. We value integrity, respect and clarity in all that we do and all those we work with. We make sure that the farmers and artisans we support, enjoy good working conditions and truly love growing authentic organic produce and cherishing the land it is born from. Suolo Etico is deep rooted in loyalty and vigour.


We Work with People that we Trust. From our suppliers and employees to our stakeholders, we only work with people we trust and those that share the same vision and values. Passionate people care about their work and each other. Our goal is to nurture that passion supporting all who work for and with us to fulfil their potential and the business.


We Care about Tasty, Nutritious Food. Our ingredients are natural, our vegetables are grown seasonally under the open sun and our pasta uses only Italian durum wheat semolina. Our artisanal producers only use the best ingredients free of preservatives and grown without of pesticides. We want our food to love you and we want you to love our food.


Happiness Guaranteed: If our products are the heart of our business then our customers are the soul. We are deeply committed to provide the best possible service, deliver efficiently and engage with our customers knowledgeably. Word of mouth continues to be our best growth model and we want it to stay that way, spreading happy and healthy smiles along the way.

Our Products

Speak for themselves


View Pasta >>

+ WE ARE PRODUCED FROM 100% Italian Durum
Wheat Semolina... Just keeping it real.
heart of the mountains. Now that's fresh.
+ WE ARE DRIED for 20 full hours. That's quality!


View Marmalades + Spreads >>

+ WE ARE BURSTING with nearly 70% of fruit
in each jar. Now THAT’S fruity!

+ OUR FRUIT SPREADS use healthy and
delicious neutral grape juice.

+ SAY NO TO SUGAR and yes to Stevia.
With 0% calories, don’t mind if we do.

+ 20 FLAVOURS! A choice for everyone.


View Fruit >>

+ WE ARE GROWN by carefully selected
artisan farmers in Italy and the UK.

+ OH HOW WE LOVE being seasonally grown
in the fresh open air!

+ FABULOUSLY ORGANIC and bio-dynamic.

+ WE ARE 100% NATURAL, no icky pesticides.


View Snacks >>


+ WE COME IN 18 different exciting varieties.

+ JUST GOOD ol’ honest Organic here.

+ DELICIOUS and Healthy, the ultimate combo!


View Veg >>

+ OUR SKILLED FARMING FATHERS are chosen carefully in Italy and the UK.

growing happily in the open air.

+ AUTHENTICALLY ORGANIC and bio-dynamic.

+ SEE THIS? This is all 100% natural, oh yes!


View Treats >>

+ FILLED WITH THE FINEST chocolate, nuts and fruits that’ll make your mouth water.

+ OUR CHOCOLATE COVERED peeled-fruit come directly from our artisanal laboratory

+ TOTALLY ORGANIC! We dare you to resist us.