Small Veg Bag - organic - Delivered daily in London

Large Veg Bag


You can personalize your vegetable bag/box swapping 5 vegetables with available options:

Beetroots Sussex

Farmed by an ethical small farmer in Sussex

Carrots Sussex

A bunch of carrots farmed ethically in Sussex.

Cucumber Italy

A organic cucumber ethically farmed in Italy

Courgettes Italy

4 courgettes farmed ethically in Puglia

Onions Sussex

500 gr of onions farmed ethically in Sussex

Mid potatoes Sussex

1 Kg of mid potatoes grown ethically in Sussex


1 fennel grown ethically in Sicily

Datterino tomatoes Sicily

1 Kg. of datterino tomatoes grown ethically in Sicily

Radicchio tardivo

Rocket salad Puglia

4 bunches of rocked salad farmed ethically in Puglia


Celery farmed ethically in Italy

Spinach Italy

4 paper bags of spinach farmed ethically in Italy

Delivered home

Lettuce lollo bionda

2 heads of Lollo lettuce farmed ethically in Italy


2 heads of chicory


2 pieces of Ginger, 100 gr

Product Description

A mix of super-fresh seasonal organic vegetables sourced from a few small sustainable farms in Italy and Sussex.

In the large veggie box there is a delicious mix of organic vegetables as follows: 1 bunch of beetroots, 1 bunch of carrots, 1 cucumber, 4 bags of spinach 500 gr of white onions, 1 kg of mid potatoes, 1 fennel, 1kg of datterino tomatoes, 4 courgettes, 2 heads of lollo lettuce, 1 radicchio, 2 heads od chicory, 2 pieces of ginger, 4 rockets salad, 1 celery


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