small fruit box - daily delivered in London

Small Fruit Bag


You can customize your bag, swapping a maximum of 1 product.

Apples biodynamic ethically farmed in Sussex - daily delivered in London

Apples Sussex

10 apples sourced ethically from Sussex

Oranges navel Sicily

5 Sicilian navel oranges


3 high quality and ready to eat avocado

Melon Organic

Organic melon farmed in Emilia

Product Description

A mix of super-fresh seasonal mix of fruit for a single person or a couple.

This week the small fruit bag offers: 10 apples, 1 melon, 5 navel oranges and 3 avocados.

Apples are sourced from a small farm in Sussex; oranges are sourced from Sicily and melon from Emilia.


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